Saturday, June 5, 2010


I met an old friend in the grocery store yesterday. It had been three years since we have talked. She thought I moved to Florida. Nope. Still here. She wondered if we ever found out about our daughter, did she have autism? Yes, she has autism. And what else is new? My dad got cancer and he's gone. It's been two years already. She is a nurse and works with acute leukemia patients. She was astonished that we had seven months. She said those patients can have as little as two weeks. We're going to get together in the fall for lunch, when all of my children will be in school all day.

As I look back at that conversation, I'm astonished, really. Wow. When did all of that happen? When did our lives change with special needs and a diagnosis that would bring my dad home? Two years later, it's still surreal. I hear his voice and I can feel his hugs. Life just keeps rolling along.

And I find myself so thankful that we had the seven months, that babygirl is progressing so well in her disability and through it all, I have a God who promises to never leave. And the bonus, is a husband who is committed 110% to be what God wants him to be, and constantly gives me the love and encouragement that I need. I see him now reaching out to his own family and my heart is full.

Through the good times and bad, his love is constant, and so is my Abba Father's. So thankful.


Carla said...

Love this and love you and surreal is a good word.
What a journey we are on!!!

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zcoffeegirl said...

Thanks, Mike. But at this time, I'm going to refrain. Appreciate the offer.

joven said...

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