Monday, April 28, 2008

Old Birthday Card

I'm up past sleeping and started thumbing through old birthday cards from my parents. Usually, my mom was the one to write the long note in my cards. This one, my dad must've picked out, because it was his black pen that underlined tons of words ( in italics below), and he had the most to say. It's one to remember. Dads out's a great way to express your love to your daughters.

First, the card.

How do you tell a wonderful daughter
just how much
she means to you
when there are no words to describe
the gift of precious memories
she's given you since the moment she came into your life....

How can you tell her
all the ways she's made
a difference in your world
when nothing can truly measure
the happiness and pride you've felt
watching her face "life's challenges"
and shape her fondest dreams.....

How can you tell a wonderful daughter
all the feelings your heart holds
for her and her alone -
Daughter, you are so very loved
and wished a world of happiness, always.

Next..his message to me.

What more could we say - we are blessed beyond words - God has blessed Mom and I with your - your love- your loyalty - your prayers - always keep on keeping on for Jesus - Never give up - Never give in - Keep moving forward.
Love as always, Dad oooxxx
Proverbs 3:5-6

P.S. You are and always will be "Daddy's little girl!"

I think my favorite part right now is the last part. Never give up, never give in, keep moving forward. I'm tempted to get stuck right now. Bogged down, and down right stuck. I feel like I'm in the middle of a novel, I've just finished a very difficult chapter, and I'm not ready to turn the page. I'm a little fearful what the author might have in store in the next chapter. To be honest. Maybe I'm not stuck. Maybe I'm just soaking in, processing the first half of the novel. I don't want to be held by the fear though. I want to trust the author and that even though bad things happen, He's still good. He sees us and He loves us, even when the last chapter totally took the wind, heart and soul of the reader and whipped it up into a frenzy.

Like I said, I'm up too late.

Hey, and the wasn't even a Hallmark.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Richard Theis Reynertson, a.k.a. Dad....

Dad and I sharing our favorite cheese for the last time. Smoked swiss. The expensive kind. We'd take turns surprising one another with it. Caleb loves it, and I told him the other day, the baton has been passed. It's our favorite cheese now, too, along with Bapa.

I miss him so much as the reality seeps in, it is almost too much to take in.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Almost ready..

I think I'm almost ready to start blogging again. I can tell because I have that funny dialogue thing going in my head again. And then there's the serious, sobering thoughts about life. I'm glad that God doesn't just stick the sobering things in my head without the funny ones. Anyway...blogging again soon. Miss you all and want to catch up on my blogging buddies. It's coming...maybe along with about Vonda chasing it down with a stick! That is funny...and brought me much joy.