Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A gift....

I was cleaning out my office area today. The never ending project...and I found a box of old letters. Yep. You guessed it. Inside were about a dozen letters from my dad. All dated back to when I was in college. My dad didn't like to be on the phone or to write letters, but he really made a huge effort when I was away from home. My favorite line in all of them...."Dear daughter, your dad loves you muchly.". I know..a scholar he wasn't, but a loving, humble, God-fearing man, he was. I am so blessed to be the daughter of Richard T. Reynertson.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


By my 14 year old. It went something like this:

"Boys, I will be picking you up from school today."
"Why can't Dad do it?"
"Because he has another stinking meeting to go to."

14 year old, with his hands in his pockets, his head tilted in a fatherly manner, "Mom, remember when Dad was trying to decide if he should do this elder thing, we discussed this as a family. We knew that it was going to be like this. It's not a stinking meeting. It's important."

40 year old mother spits out the only childish thing she can think of.

"You're mean."

The tables are turning too quickly.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Seriously, people....

I'm seriously tired of the magazine covers that stare me in the face at the grocery store. Would someone please put some clothes on these thin, scantily dressed ladies? Why doesn't someone come out with an In Style magazine for people like us? Mom's Who Can Wear Sweats and still look sexy! Do you ever see that headline? And could there please be shirts that will fit a middle-aged body that is trying not to accentuate that nasty fat roll? Maybe if they made jeans that were just a tad bit higher..I don't know. I'm just saying. Fashion for normal people. People.

Anyone else have a headline?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A word from Spurgeon to cheer us on....

“Behold, I make all things new!”
Posted: 01 Jan 2009 12:03 AM CST

“There are children of God who need this text, ‘Behold, I make all things new,’ whose sigh is that they so soon grow dull and weary in the ways of God, and therefore they need daily renewing. After a few months a vigorous young Christian will begin to cool down; and those who have been long in the ways of God find that final perseverance must be a miracle if ever it is to be accomplished, for naturally they tire and faint.

Well, now, dear friends, why do you and I ever get stale and flat? Why, it is because we get away from him who says, ‘Behold, I make all things new.’ The straight way to a perpetual newness and freshness of holy youth is to go to Christ again, just as we did at the first. A better thing still is never to leave him, but to stand for ever at the cross-foot delighting yourself in his all-sufficient sacrifice.

They that are full of the joy of the Lord never find life grow weary. Getting near to Christ, you will partake in his joy, and that joy shall be your strength, your freshness, the newness of your life. God grant us to drink of the eternal founts, that we may for ever overflow.”

—Charles Spurgeon, “Sermon for New Year’s Day”