Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Faith loves Curious George. She keeps checking out the same book and it is getting very old for this mom, "Curious George Makes Pancakes." In order to break the monotony of this story, I inserted the word "flippin" as many times as I could. When I started to laugh hysterically at my own creativity, she burst into tears. I missed reading the last page the way I wanted to. So, here's what I missed:

"At the end of the flippin day, George got to present the flippin money from the fundraiser to the president of the flippin hospital. "Thanks to you, George, this has been our best flippin year ever!" she said. "Will you come back and make flippin pancakes again next year?"

George nodded and everyone flippin cheered.

There...now I have flippin closure.

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rt said...

Too flippin funny!